How Can We Help?

We offer a variety of services for Individuals of all ages, Couples in any stage of relationship, and Families that can help build and maintain healthy relationships.

Individual and Family Therapy

Counseling services are available for individuals, couples, and families that deal with issues from a systemic perspective. Sessions are collaborative between counselor and client(s) providing insight into thoughts and behaviors.

Couples Therapy

Counseling services are available for dealing with issues that arise between couples who are either dating, cohabitating, engaged to be married, married or separated. Being a successful couple means taking into consideration their partner’s needs and desires while at the same time not neglecting their individual needs. Brief therapeutic services are offered to help couples break down unhealthy patterns of interacting and work on developing positive relationships.

Poor communication is often a key component of destructive issues confronting couples. Exercises for improving partner communication such as attention to what is being said versus what is being heard are a key part of our work with couples. We have a short term program that identifies strengths and weaknesses in a relationship and provides insight through structured exercises to build on the strengths and improve the weaknesses.

Pre-Marital Program

Tying the knot can be a joyous event for all involved, most importantly, for the couple making this commitment. Preparing for marriage will prove to be very beneficial as you begin your venture in to marriage. Couples can start early in their relationship identifying resources, addressing important issues and learning effective coping skills for times of conflict, stress and changes. We have a short term marital preparation program available to couples in a committed relationship.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is available with a particular focus on grief, anxiety, anger trauma issues and chronic pain. Group work offers the support and nurturing for members to deal with even the most difficult problems. All groups require full participation of members and offer an opportunity for clients to gain self-awareness and assist others at the same time.

Areas of Focus

Individuals, Couples, Families, Grief, Mood irregularities, Anxiety, Anger, Adjustment Issues, ADD & ADHD, Sexual Concerns, Trauma Issues, Premarital Counseling, Parenting & Family Matters, ADD & ADHD Assessment for children and adults.